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As a business we have more than 30 years’ experience in the aluminium vessel construction industry using the best designers and the most modern construction methods. Our staff experience covers many facets of the aluminium boat-building industry, from the workshop floor and coordination level at companies such as Austal Ships, Oceanfast and Evolution Yachts, to other self-owned businesses such as Hampton Yachts, which produced Razerline Boats, Assassin Craft and Renegade Boats in Sydney. While operating and owning these businesses Rob has been involved with the construction of vessels for the Fisheries Department, The Department of Planning and Infrastructure and the Swan River Trust.

Niche Marine has grown in the wake of Rob’s extensive experience. What started as a two-person operation, peaked at 18 people, and currently sits at six dedicated staff members. This includes Rob running the business, with a supervisor with 16 years’ experience handling the workshop floor on a daily basis. With a strong commitment to training we have a 3rd-year apprentice (another apprentice finished his time three months ago) and the remainder of the workforce are tradespeople with a minimum of eight years’ experience under their belts.

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When you order a vessel from us, not only will it be built on time, but it will also be built with passion and dedication by an experienced group of boat enthusiasts equipped with all the skills and technology needed to produce state-of-the-art boats. Expect a boat of the highest quality, built to your specifications. Niche Marine is based at the Northport Marine Services Complex in Fremantle (Perth WA) and utilizes the available trades at Northport to create a one-stop workshop, from design through to engineering and the final painting. With our wealth of experience we complete a plethora of different projects, from new builds to modification and repairs.

Our latest vessels were built for the oil and gas services sector. They were designed and created to the new NSCV code and to the Chevron standard, which represents one of the highest safety and operational standards around.


Robert Clayton founded Niche Marine in 2004 with the purpose of producing small-to-medium custom built commercial vessels to supply to the fishing and charter industry. He also supplied the mining, and oil and gas industries, with commercial vessel modification work.

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